What is the Ultravoilet(UV) Light?

Ultraviolet light (UV) is an invisible light that is part of the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and X-rays. UV light is emitted by the sun which is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer of the Earth.

  • UVC And UVV Rays
  • The two wavelengths emitted by the sun i.e. UVC(254nm) and UVV(185nm) are produced by our Dust Knights systems. Here are the benefits of these two wavelengths:

    UVC: This wavelength works on a molecular level by attacking the micro-organisms, destroying and deactivating the contaminants.

    UVV: This wavelength degrades the odours and chemicals.

    We, at Dust Knights, use a patented process to deliver maximum UV Dosage to the air-stream. When cobalt is added to the PCO matrix, it boosts the efficiency of the catalyst sites that ensures complete destruction of all the contaminants.

  • The UV ‘J’ Lamp
  • This 18-inch high-intensity lamp with three-year of lamp-life has the intensity of two UV lamps. This lamp has a combination of two wavelengths: UVC and UVV, which makes it chemical, biological, and odour destruction possible.

  • Turbulator and Aluminium Reflector Chamber
  • Our process guarantees the maximum UV dosage the air receives by using a turbulator to spin the air as soon as it enters the reflector chamber.

    Dwell time between the UV light and the air gets increased which increases the destruction rates too. The aluminum reflector chamber reflects UV wavelengths which delivers maximum effeciency.

    Parallel Orientation of the Air-System

    In order to increase the dwell time between the UV light and the air, the two legs of the UV lamp and reflector chamber are mounter parallel to the stream of air. We increase the UV energy to the airstream by exposing the air to the UV light for longer times, hence, resulting in a higher destruction rate.