Imagine how after taking a nice bath in the morning you go to the kitchen and make yourself some food. Then you sit in the living room and try to enjoy the wonderful view through the window. But something doesn’t seem to fit. You start getting those regular coughs again while you notice how dust particles and cigarette smoke are flying through the air. Suddenly, you do not feel clean anymore and start considering taking another bath. Here are the 7 best ways to keep air clean in your house:

1. Weekly Clean-Ups

The best way to prevent bacteria, pests and infections from spreading is to do weekly clean ups. The kitchen, bathroom and living room are the most vulnerable parts. Make sure to scrub dirty surfaces and vacuum every corner of your house. With all of the dirt and dust disappearing, the air will become purified and fresh.

2. HVAC & Air Ducts

Common problem homeowners face is uncleaned HVAC and air ducts. The air in your home travels through these ducts and if left uncleaned, the HVAC and ducts can become nests for pesticide, mold growth and bacteria, causing allergies, asthma attacks and dangerous infections. To make sure this doesn’t happen, schedule an air duct cleaning or inspection at least once a year.

3. Ventilation

There is no better DIY way to clean your air than frequent ventilation. Opening up those windows will let new energy smoothly enter your house with fresh air and joyful sunshine. Ventilate your home at least 2 times a day for 20 minutes. If you are a smoker or more than 4 people live in a small area, increase it to 4 times a day. The way to get the best air breeze is to open up the windows to 45-degree angle. This is why when doing window replacement, one should buy casement or awning windows for bathrooms and kitchens, allowing everyone to breathe easier.

4. No Water Leaks

As we mentioned before, mold growth can contaminate the air and cause severe damage to our health. Besides unclean air ducts, other things can cause mold growth such as pipe damage, wall and window leaks, poor insulation and sewage issues. Having your pipes and windows frequently cleaned and inspected will assure you better health. You should also mind the way you are treating them as unclean or unrepaired windows and pipes can lead to water leaks and even floods.

5. Fresh Bacteria-Free Carpets

Carpets are the number one bacteria collectors in your home. Every dust particle falls on the ground and if there is a carpet on it, well… Cleaning a carpet isn’t an easy job and that is why annual professional cleanups are necessary. They use special cleaning solutions and extremely hot water to remove any bacteria and dirt stuck deep between the carpet’s fibers.

6. Plants & Decorations

Having plants inside your room will motivate you to open up the windows more frequently and brighten up the place. Additionally, plants increase oxygen levels and purify the rooms with new, fresh and breathable air. There are specific plants that work well for homes and are known as air purifiers such as bamboo, Devil’s ivy and philodendron. Other things you can purchase for clearing the air are aroma sticks, candles and oil diffusers.

7. Radon Inspection

Another precaution and mean for purifying the air in your home is doing regular radon inspections. Radon is toxic radioactive gas that can get into our homes due to differences in air and soil pressure. It is created within soil, rock and water as a result of uranium breakdown. Radon is a slow killer and that’s why these inspections are highly recommended, especially when moving into a new home.

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