Just like your carpets, upholstery like your sofas and chairs get a lot of use and need to be cleaned. Upholstery attract dirt, dust, and all sorts of other things on it that we bring with us on our clothing that’ll make it look dull and unappealing. Fortunately, you can enhance your upholstery and add protection to safeguard your investment. Upholstery cleaning from Dust Knights is an affordable and cost effective way to bring new life to your upholstery. 


Your upholstery receive a lot of wear and tear, especially if you have any kids or pets at home. However, upholstery cleaning will make your furniture look like it just came from the showroom. Here are the benefits of upholstery cleaning:

1. Restores Upholstery: Upholstery cleaning will remove dirt and deep stains, but it’ll also restore your upholstery to it’s original beauty.

2. Reduces Allergens: Upholstery cleaning will reduce allergens that accumulates all year around. 

3. Eliminates Skin Irritation: Dust mites are also found in your upholstery. It’s the leading cause of skin irritation and discomfort. However, upholstery cleaning will eliminate skin irritation.

4. Removes Stain: Upholstery like your sofa take a beating, especially if you have kids or pets. In addition, it’s prone to spills and food crumbs which can get ground up into the sofa. Upholstery cleaning will remove surface stain and ground-in stains. 

5. Removes Odor: Aside from the stains, upholstery leave odors too. Upholstery cleaning will remove odors to leave your home much fresher and healthier. 

Upholstery Cleaning Promotion



Our certified, licensed, and qualified team of highly skilled upholstery cleaning professionals arrive as scheduled.


We will do a pre-inspection of your upholstery to identify the best method of cleaning.


We will prepare the area where your upholstery will be cleaned to protect your floors and furnishings.


We will begin the cleaning process by pre-vacuuming, pre-treating, pre-spotting, and pre-grooming your upholstery.


We will do a post inspection of all cleaned upholstery to ensure your expectations have been met and recommend high quality fabric protector to protect your upholstery.


1. Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning Method: We use state-of-the-art truck mounted units to help aid in cleaning and drying. We follow all the guidelines required by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). The high water temperature in our big truck allows us to deliver the deepest and most thorough cleaning. This provides quicker drying times and residue free upholstery without having to use harsh chemicals. 

2. Quality of Work Guarantee: We believe and stand by our upholstery cleaning process. So, if you’re not happy with our upholstery cleaning service, we will re-clean your upholstery for free. 

3. Clean All Fabrics: We clean all types of fabrics such as cotton, leather, polyester, microfiber, and more. 

4. Thorough Cleaning: Our team of highly skilled upholstery cleaning professionals are fully trained. We use the most through cleaning processes in order to leave your home clean, fresh, and healthy. 

5. Honest Pricing: We promise honest pricing before any equipment enters your home. The prices we quote will include everything that’s needed to get the job done.

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