Indoor air quality has become an important health and safety concern. Did you know indoor air quality is known to affect your health, comfort, and well-being? Some of the common causes associated with indoor air quality problems include: dust, mold, humidity, poor air circulation, and ventilation system issues. 


Indoor air quality refers to the air quality within and around your home. The indoor air quality of your home can be affected by gases like carbon monoxide and microbial contaminants like mold. Everyone’s health, comfort, and well-being can be affect by indoor air quality problems. However, children’s, the elderly, pregnant women, and those with heart and long conditions are more vulnerable to the health effects of indoor air contaminants. 

Did you know we spent approximately 90% of our time indoors? The health effects of indoor air quality problems pose a great risk to you and your family. You could experience sneezing, coughing, headaches, shortness of breath, and more due to poor indoor air quality. Therefore, it’s important to understand and control indoor air contaminants to help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns.


1. Control the Source: You can improve indoor air quality by controlling the source by removing the source of pollution and reduce the level of the emissions. 

2. Improve Ventilation: You can improve indoor air quality by improving ventilation by increasing the amount of outdoor air coming indoors. This is important when your cooking or during home renovations, so keep your windows open and exhaust fans turned on. 

3. Clean the Air: You can improve indoor air quality by cleaning the air by using air cleaners designed to remove particles from the air or designed to remove specific gases and odors. 

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1. Biological Contaminants: Biological contaminants include molds, dust, pollens, dust mites, and dander from pets. 

2. Combustion By-products: Combustion by-products are gases caused by the incomplete burning of fuels, which comes from furnaces, fireplaces, and gas stoves.

3. Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde are chemicals found in plywood, furnishings, personal care products. 

4. Asbestos: Asbestos can be found in older homes. It doesn’t cause a health risk unless it’s frayed and releasing fibers into the air that can be inhaled.

5. Radon: Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. Radon can enter your home directly through its foundation from surrounding soil. 


Dust Knights is your source for indoor air quality products in Hamilton, the Niagara region, and surrounding areas. Here are the indoor air quality products we offer at Dust Knights:

Respicaire Original Replacement Media Pack™

The Original Replacement Media Pack® is used for Respicaire electronic air filter.

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Respicaire MoldMiser MAX™ (UV Germicidal Bulb Replacement)

The MoldMiser Max® is an ultra violet coil purifier designed for duct mounted installations in your heating and cooling system.

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Respicaire OdorMiser DTX™

The OdorMiser DTX® is an advanced photo-catalytic oxidation and carbon absorption treatment system for your heating and cooling system.

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Respicaire AirSterilizer Pro™

The AirSterilizer Pro® is an active plasma ions PHPCO air scrubber that uses ozonating UV light and catalytic reactions to create locally charged airborne oxidizers.

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Respicaire ProClean 90™

The ProClean 90® uses high efficiency, multi-pleat catridges to improve the collection of airborne micro-particles.

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Respicaire PureClean 95™

The EM PureClean95® is a new generation of micro-particulate polarized media air cleaners that maximize air cleaning efficiency.

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Respicaire UltraClean 99™

The UltraClean 99® whole home hybrid micro-particle air cleaner is an ideal solution for homes with heating and cooling systems featuring a micro-particle efficiency rating of 99% on airborne contaminants.

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