Did you know a majority of water damages are a result of a plumbing failure? Plumbing failure in your home includes: broken pipes, clogged toilets, and a wet or leaky basement. Water damage in your home will cause thousands of dollars worth of damages to your carpet, upholstery, and household appliances, In addition, water will encourage the growth of old and bacteria.

When flood damage occurs in your home, don’t attempt to use your vacuum to clean up. It’s important to restore your home in good order to protect your health and prevent further damages. You should call Dust Knights for flood extraction services to dry and clean up your home as soon as possible. This will increase the likelihood of saving your carpet, upholstery, household appliances, and other items in your home. 

The restoration process after a flood is very, very important. Dust Knights will use the right materials and processes to help you save your belongings and prevent your home from being condemned. Our team of highly skilled flood extraction professionals will mitigate the effects of water by using high-tech equipment and well-document procedures to control water damage. 

24 Flood Extraction Services


1. Water: Flood water can be contaminated with sewage and other pollutants. You and your family should stay away because it can cause sickness and infections. 

2. Re-entering Your Home: You should use extreme caution when re-entering your home after a flood and avoid using household appliances.

3. Vacuum: Don’t use your vacuum to clean up after a flood to prevent electrical shock. Any household appliances pose a risk of fire or electrical shock when turned on. 

4. Newspaper: Don’t place newspaper on your carpet after a flood because ink will transfer to wet carpet fibres and result in permanent staining. 

5. Carpet: Don’t walk on carpet after a flood in order to keep the damage from spreading to unaffected areas in your home. 

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